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Urbanaut Kingsland Pilsner 330ml

Urbanaut Kingsland Pilsner 330ml


Urbanaut craft beer is brewed in Mornington, Auckland.
Created for the worldly explorer, Urbanaut beers are designed to celebrate the cities that inspired their creation. Whether you know the destination well, or yearn to explore it someday, every sip will give you a taste of the culture no matter where you are in the world.
Their Kingsland Pilsner is highly effervescent, giving a beautiful head and tight bubbles. A refreshing bitterness, clean hops on the nose and a light colour from pilsner malt gives a bright crystal glow.
The best value Pilsner around under $4.00/can. Terrific drinking wherever, whenever!

330mls | Min order: 12 Cans

$4.99 $3.89