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Boundary Road 18th Amendment APA 330ml

Boundary Road 18th Amendment APA 330ml


STOCK CLEARANCE. LIMITED STOCKS! This batch is passing it's best before date of 26/03/21, hence the super sharp price. Will continue to drink well for some months yet. Cracking value under $53 per 24pk. Be quick!
Nestled in the foothills of the Hunua Ranges south of Auckland sits The Boundary Road Brewery. Started in 2011, it is a brewery that has become known for its name-sake craft beer brand, Boundary Road Brewery (more commonly known as BRB). Led by the ever knowledgeable and highly experienced (both in brewing and drinking said beer) brewing team of Trevor Rollinson and Keith Blackwell, BRB has developed a strong following of its range of accessible and interesting craft beers.
The 18th Amendment brought on the dark days of American Prohibition where banning alcohol meant you couldn’t get a decent beer anywhere, unless of course you “knew a guy.” Brewed in honour of your friendly local bootlegger, this APA is loaded with all-American aroma hops, malt characters, citrus notes and a crisp, bitter finish. Hops include Zythos, Centennial & Pacific Jade. 6.0% abv.
Enjoy it quick before someone makes fun illegal again!
Available for same/next day delivery in North, Central & West Auckland.

330mls | Min order: 24 Cans

RRP$3.33 $2.20