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Bumblebee Organic Chardonnay 2019

Bumblebee Organic Chardonnay 2019


A vineyard full of bumblebees is a sign of healthy vines and flavoursome fruit.
Our bees play a vital role in our ecosystem: contributing to around a third of the world’s crops with their pollination. However, the world’s population of bees is in sharp decline. Intensive farming practices, the use of agricultural chemicals, and global warming are all to blame.
The decrease in their population poses a serious threat to human livelihood. To try to combat this problem, we’ve taken a ‘back to basics’ approach to farming – through cultivating our vines sustainably. Healthy crops mean happy bees… and happy bees mean flourishing fruit and delicious wine.
Sourced from the Monash Valley in South Australia, this delicious, ripe, 100% organic Chardonnay has fresh and fruit-driven aromas of citrus and nectarine with subtle creamy notes. The palate is likewise fruit-driven and elegant with excellent purity. Stone-fruits and citrus flavours build to a pleasingly round mouth-feel before being carried to a dry finish by fresh acidity.
A very well balanced and attractive Chardonnay that will be a versatile companion to a wide range of seafood and white meats. 14% abv.

750mls | Min order: 6 Bottles

RRP$23.99 $17.99