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Haymans Old Tom Gin 700ml

Haymans Old Tom Gin 700ml


he very essence of Hayman’s is that we still make our gin today using the same family recipes developed over 150 years ago. Using only the finest botanicals available combined with the two-day gin making process, our botanicals are infused in English wheat spirit for an entire day allowing the full natural flavours to shine through.
Our traditional process is rare in this age of modern gin, however we are convinced it is this technique, as well as further innovations, which has led to the most highly acclaimed awards as well as continued positive acclamation for Hayman’s Gin.
Hayman's Old Tom Gin is produced from an original Old Tom Gin recipe from the family archives. Old Tom Gin is a botanically-intensive and lightly sweetened style of gin that consequently delivers a balanced and mild undertone which results in a subtle and distinctive gin experience. 41.4% ABV.
GOLD (91/100) - International Spirit Review USA 2008

700mls | Min order: 1 Bottle

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