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Helmsman Premium Spiced Rum 700ml

Helmsman Premium Spiced Rum 700ml


Helmsman are purveyors of fine blended Caribbean rum seasoned with natural herbs and a dash of Kiwi flair. Made right here in little old NZ.
After 18 months, countless bottles of rum and a few spontaneous rum fuelled adventures, Mike & Andrew had come up with quite possibly the best tasting spiced rum on the market. By carefully selecting the finest Caribbean rum and infusing it with the perfect blend of spices, Helmsman has been a crowd favourite all over New Zealand for the better half of a decade now.
Our spiced rum is a blend of Caribbean Rum that is shipped to Aotearoa shores where we infuse it with spices sourced locally and abroad. The result is a smooth, well-rounded drop with overtones of rich vanilla and soft spices. Bananas, white chocolate with cinnamon notes of the nose, and soft pepper. All of this comes together to create a unique balance of flavours that softens the flame of the rum. 40% ABV.
TROPHY - NZ Spirits Awards 2020
GOLD MEDAL - NZ Spirits Awards 2020

700mls | Min order: 1 Bottle

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