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Saltaire Triple Chocolate Stout 500ml

Saltaire Triple Chocolate Stout 500ml


It all began in 2003 over a laboratory bench when Tony Gartland, owner and founder, met Derek Todd, an industrial chemist at a Brewlab course in Newcastle.
They had no idea then that starting one of the earliest microbreweries in Yorkshire would grow into the brewery and packaging facility it is today, producing more than 5 million pints of beer a year for drinkers around the globe.
Internationally acclaimed, this moreish dark beer complements English Fuggle hops with rich chocolate decadence. 4.8% abv.
Taste: Clean and rich with a massive hit of chocolate sweetness
Smell: Chocolate!
Look: Thick and black with a dense caramel head
This is a terrific dark brew at an incredible price for 500ml!

500mls | Min order: 8 Bottles

RRP$9.99 $7.99