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Tia Maria Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur 700ml

Tia Maria Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur 700ml


Tia Maria dates back to the mid-17th century, when a beautiful young Spanish aristocrat fled the turmoil colonial war brought to the island of Jamaica. Her maid saved one family treasure, a small jewellery box with black pearl earrings and an ancient manuscript with the recipe for a mysterious liqueur. The recipe was named after the courageous woman and Tia Maria was born.
Tia Maria is a sweet liqueur with a strong coffee character and a complex aromatic structure. By using cold brew extraction, we can always ensure that our coffee liqueur has a distinct taste thanks to three significant elements: coffee 100% arabica provides the distinctive roasted, full-bodied rich taste, vanilla responsible for the soft and velvety back notes and Jamaican Rum that gives Tia Maria is body, depth and structure. 20% ABV.
A favourite for coffee cocktail lovers the world over, Tia Maria was also used in the very first Espresso Martini recipe over forty years ago.
Simply divine!

700mls | Min order: 1 Bottle

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