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Löwenbräu Munchner Hell Original Lager 500ml

Löwenbräu Munchner Hell Original Lager 500ml


New name & new look packaging... same great beer. Munchen Hell means Munich Lager!
The origin of the Löwenbräu brewery dates back to the 16th century. Löwenbräu translates to 'lions brew' and is brewed under German Purity Law.
The first certain information dates back to 1524, when a brewery destined to become famous all over the world was born in the “lion’s den” (Löwengrube) in Munich, Bavaria. Already in the following years Löwenbräu became the largest brewery in Germany and the one with the largest volume of product exported.
Lowenbrau is a pure barley malt beer. Munich clear, one of the beers that made this style famous in the world, is characterized by sweet malt notes balanced by the skillful use of hops that make it a particularly refreshing product. This all natural beer is fully balanced with dry but crisp, bitter undertones. Clean, smooth and perfectly structured. 5.2% ABV.

500mls | Min order: 24 Cans

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